Pedestrianisation Trial Of Shrewsbury Town Centre Cut Short

by Jamie Adrankone

Pedestrianisation Trial Of Shrewsbury Town Centre Cut Short

An experimental plan to pedestrianise parts of Shrewsbury town centre is set to end over two months early in September after criticism of the scheme caused the local council to rethink the measures.

According to the council, they are conducting an internal review and are considering a further pedestrianisation trial in the future.

The scheme, which affected the uphill part of Wyle Cop, High Street and Shoplatch, closed the roads to all vehicles other than buses, taxis and cyclists between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm on weekdays, and to all traffic between the same times at weekends.

As well as those roads, the southeast part of The Square and Milk Street were closed to all vehicles from 11 am to 4 pm and Castle Street’s bus lane was no longer in service.

Parking measures, waiting times and loading restrictions were also enacted, which drew particular criticism from local business owners, delivery drivers and blue badge holders.

Cafe and restaurant owners claimed they could not operate effective outdoor dining arrangements, delivery drivers moving products to storage in Shrewsbury has consistent issues with the restrictions and how they were enforced, and the restrictions on disabled bays were particular criticised.

The plans, which were enacted on 19th July and were due to remain in place until the end of October, are instead being cut short in a phased process.

Castle Street was reopened in time for the Shrewsbury Folk Festival on 27th August, and the remaining roads will be returned to normal by the start of September.

A consultation on the measures has been open since the start of June and the council encourages everyone to express their views on the scheme.

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