No More Acting The Goat For Rogue Llandudno Rovers

by Jamie Adrankone

No More Acting The Goat For Rogue Llandudno Rovers

Llandudno’s goats became the star of the show during lockdown, gaining fame across the globe for their town-centre takeover of deserted streets. However, the end of the road has come for the free-roaming Kashmiris, who have tested the patience of locals too far.

The goat gang have recently been rounded up and penned on the Great Orme, North Wales Live reports. At first, they were a potent symbol of the abrupt ceasing of everyday life in March 2020, as nature reclaimed the streets. However, the goats increased in boldness over the lockdown and began to make a nuisance of themselves.

Now, 20 of the Kashmiri goats have been rounded up by the combined efforts of Conway Council, Llandudno Town Council, Mostyn Estates, Natural Resources Wales, and the RSPCA. The troublemakers are now being corralled on Great Orme grassland on a temporary basis.

A Conwy Council spokesperson said: “Earlier this month, these organisations arranged for 20 goats to be rounded up from various areas of Llandudno where they were causing a direct traffic hazard on main roads. Once returned to the Great Orme, they were housed, fed and watered for a week in a pen, and then released in small groups.”

There is speculation that some of the goats may be permanently relocated to other sites in North Wales, as the Great Orme can only support a limited number. The herd size is usually restricted to 120-130, but during the pandemic, contraception injections could not be delivered, leading to an increased population of about 155.

In the past, small groups of the goats have been relocated to Kent, Somerset, North Yorkshire, and the Brecon Beacons to maintain genetic diversity and breed resilience. The Llandudno goats are thought to have descended from a pair gifted to Queen Victoria by the Shah of Persia.

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