Llandudno’s Wild Goats Going Global Again

by Jamie Adrankone

Llandudno’s Wild Goats Going Global Again

The herd of wild Kashmiri goats that became an internet sensation as they roamed the empty streets of Llandudno during the lockdown have landed a lucrative advertising deal with US luxury motor brand Jeep.

The Daily Post reports that the goats, which won the attention of US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and Star Trek actor George Takei, also gained fans in Jeep’s USA media producers in Chicago. Now they’re starring in the brand’s new international social media campaign promoting its 4XE Hybrid vehicles, called ‘Nature Returns’.

It’s all thanks to Paul Levy, the managing director of web design and marketing agency Livetech, who recorded the goats nibbling on the town’s plants and hedges.

After wondering if the phone call from Jeep was just someone ‘kidding’ around, Paul donated the $1,000 licensing fee to St David’s Hospice, whose t-shirt and merchandising initiative starring the goats has already raised over £100,000.

“It was a real pleasure to be asked and it was a really good thing for the town. The hospice is such a good and worthy cause which is close to everyone’s hearts in the area,” said Paul.

He explained that the hospice had been struggling due to the lockdown, which had closed their charity retail shops.

The goats now feature alongside similar video clips of other examples of nature returning to towns and cities, such as the smog-free skies over Los Angeles, Sika deer in Japan, black bears in North Carolina, coyotes in Chicago, and the crystal clear canals of Venice teeming with jellyfish.

The ‘Nature Returns’ campaign went out globally on all the social media platforms and had been translated into several languages.

T-shirts and other merchandise are available from St David’s Hospice’s website.

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