Structural Inspection For Lord Hill’s Column

by Jamie Adrankone

Structural Inspection For Lord Hill’s Column

The statue of Lord Hill, situated on top of The Column in Shrewsbury, is a hugely familiar sight for anyone local to the township. So famous is the landmark, in fact, that you may well recognise it even if you’re not from the area yourself!

Lord Rowland Hill himself was born just outside Hawkstone back in 1772, honoured by Parliament for his valour in military campaigns including the Battle of Waterloo, where he fought alongside the Duke of Wellington and commanded the first company.

According to Shropshire Live, his statue is now about to be inspected by structural engineers after a few pieces of stone were found on the ground near The Column a few days ago.

Engineers are set to use a cherry picker to have a closer look at the beginning of next week (February 25th) and try to work out the cause of the debris before deciding what, if any, action needs to be taken as a result.

“Lord Hill famously fought in a number of battles, but his biggest enemy is undoubtedly the weather – especially heavy rain, frost and wind.

“Our priority is to ensure the safety of people passing by The Column so we’ve called in structural engineers to carry out a further assessment of the statue and to offer their professional advice about what action may be necessary,” head of business, enterprise and commercial services with Shropshire Council Tim Smith was quoted by the news source as saying.

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