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Consent Near For Chester Development Site

by Jamie Adrankone

Consent Near For Chester Development Site

If you’re planning a move to the North West to study, then you might be interested in the best storage Chester has to offer to ease the transition, while you’re looking for a place to stay. If finding great student housing is top of the list, then see your eye on this new development for future years.

On the April 4th, various property contractors will pitch their individual plans to Cheshire West and Chester Council for a 17 acre plot of land according to Place North West. The site, which currently stands as disused farmland, could provide valuable and affordable housing options for the area, however, contractor Morbaines are hoping to have their application accepted to create 56 units of accommodation for university students and will have the capacity to house 376 students.

The building would stand at 8 storeys on one side facing onto Hoole Way, and then 7 on the other which faces Black Diamond Park. There would also be two wings build out from the ground level, providing valuable extra space.

The accommodation has been designed by architects Day Architectural, and plans have been suggested to be accepted. A housing complex of 193 units is also being proposed by Redrow Homes and will feature a selection of two, three and four bed home situated on Dunkirk Way.

They’ve also announced that 30 per cent of the planned builds will be affordable housing - great news for families who are struggling to get onto the property ladder, and paving the way for new families to move into the area.

There is also expected to be plans put forward from William Ferguson who owns the plot of land with the idea to build holiday lodges and a sailing clubhouse, although this is expected to be refused.

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