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Delivery & Returns

Delivery Area
Delivery is only available to the following postcodes on the UK mainland:

CH1 1,CH1 2,CH1 3,CH1 4,CH1 5,CH1 6,CH2 1,CH2 2,CH2 3,CH3 5,CH4 0,CH4 7,CH4 8,CH4 9,CH5 1,CH5 2,CH5 3,CH5 4,CH6 5,CH6 6,CH7 1,CH7 2,CH7 3,CH7 5,CH7 6,CH8 7,CH8 8,CH8 9,CH88 3,CH99 1,CH99 9

LL15 1,LL15 2,LL16 3,LL16 4,LL16 5,LL17 0,LL18 1,LL18 2,LL18 3,LL18 4,LL18 5,LL18 6,LL19 7,LL19 8,LL19 9,LL22 7,LL22 8,LL22 9,LL28 4,LL28 5,LL29 6,LL29 7,LL29 8,LL29 9,LL30 1,LL30 2,LL30 3,LL30 9,LL31 9,LL32 8,LL33 0,LL34 6,LL57 1,LL57 2,LL57 3,LL57 4

You can also view the areas via this map:
delivery map

This map shows the area where we usually deliver but if you are just outside of the are or have a substantial order, we may still deliver. You can find out by calling us on 0808 100 1292

We cannot guarantee delivery times but we aim to deliver within 3 working days of dispatch. We cannot deliver your fireworks to someone who is under the age of 18. ALL CONSIGNMENTS MUST BE SIGNED FOR therefore It is important you use an address where someone will be able to sign for your order. Where possible use a business address for your delivery if it's more likely that someone will be there.

Delivery charges
Order Value

£0 - £50
£50 - £200

Delivery Charge

Unavailable for delivery

We will only charge a surcharge if we cannot subsidise your order, i.e it's of low value. We will contact you if there is a charge to be made and give you the option of paying the charge or cancelling your order for a full refund.
We only deliver to the following postcodes and we cannot deliver to Ireland / Northern Ireland or anywhere else outside the UK. These restrictions apply to wether the order attracts a delivery charge or not.
Deliveries will be made during normal working hours, Monday - Friday. 8:00am - 6:00pm and Saturday

Failed Delivery Attempts.

The courier will require a signature and is not permitted to leave the shipment unattended, so please ensure that a person over the age of 18 years old is available to sign for the delivery. Whether you buy fireworks online or over the phone, you will always have the option to specify a delivery address, so if you are unsure if anybody will be home to receive your fireworks delivery, then please consider using your work address. Please note: There will only be one attempt at delivery and if the courier is unable to deliver as agreed, a charge will be made.

Special Offers

Unfortunately we are unable to subsidise shipping for those people who wish to fill their order with special offer items. Many of these items are offered at cost and shipping them would mean we would lose money. We reserve the right to charge the full shipping for orders that are predominantly special offers. You will be notified if this is the case.

Product Availability

We try to keep the stock availability on the web site up to date, but sometimes a product may be out of stock, if this happens we will endeavour to contact you to find a suitable alternative. If we have to substitute an item it will be with one of equal or greater value. (we are known for ensuring you get far better replacements than you ordered!)


Hopefully you will never need to return a product, but if you do, here are the details.

Damaged Goods
If your goods arrive damaged, you must notify us within a reasonable time so we can arrange for the items to be replaced and collected.

Unwanted Goods
If you decide that you no longer want the items, you must contact us within seven days of delivery. We will then arrange for our specialist courier to collect the items from you. (It is illegal to send the items through the postal service or an unlicensed courier) The items must be unopened and in their original packaging. However you may open transport packaging to inspect the goods. Refunds will be issued upon receipt and inspection of the goods.

All items offered on our website are subject to availability. Where an individual product is unavailable we will try to contact you and offer an alternative.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service, but if you are unsatisfied with anything relating to the products you have purchased or our service, please contact us by-

Telephone: 01745 817178


Or post:
Lock Stock Fireworks
Unit 10a Colomendy Industrial Estate,

Currently delivering to selected areas of LL and CH postcodes. To find out if we deliver in your area visit Delivery Information. There is a delivery charge of £10 pounds and a minimum delivery order of £50. You will be contacted with further details and the delivery will arrive within 3 working days.


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